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Crab emerging from its old shell and straight into my nightmares.

imagine if your skeleton tried this one day



    Crab emerging from its old shell and straight into my nightmares.

    imagine if your skeleton tried this one day

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    #can you imagine if we left these 4 guys alone in the top floor of stark tower for like a month #or even just a week #SHIT WOULD GET DONE #we’d probably have interstellar travel in 3 days

    i’m not a science expert. i’m not even a science novice. but that’s so interesting that these four would come up with interstellar travel when none of the 4 above are qualified as far as we know? reed richards in the mcu is just listed as a physicist, peter parker could only be linked with engineering + genetics, tony’s engineering, bruce banner is physicist in the 616 but i believe just radiology in the mcu.

    know who IS an astrophysicist though?

    know who has actually manipulated travel between realms? 

    jane foster!

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    And if you’re still up at 4 a.m.,

    you are in love or lonely,

    and I don’t know which one is worse.


    im looking up dragon ball z trivia

    Nine times out of ten, I’m just being kept up by my dog who has no respect for the sun. I am the opposite of lonely or loving.

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    Everyday I’m like “today imma get my shit together” and by the end of the day I’m like “tomorrow is the day for real”

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    Two new handamde Tentacled Necklaces available:


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    This drink I like it. Another!

    I love how quickly he readjusts to the culture so foreign to him. Like, he does not even protest or try to explain this is how it’s done in Asgard so it’s how it SHOULD be done because he’s a mighty god and stuff. He’s just like “but I… oh I see smashing mugs is not a custom here. I’m sorry I won’t do it again :( “

    A lot of people could learn from this.

    ^ How to be a traveler and not a tourist

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    Dear activists - stop trying to win transgender people the “privilege” of serving in the military and fucking instead direct your efforts towards helping our youth secure safe housing, education and jobs. 

    That’s where we actually need your help.  

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    lesbians = yes

    lesbians marketed towards men = NO

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    talking group names like

    • deck of asexuals
    • quiver of aromantics


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Because I could.


    Because I could.

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    If you have suffered a tragedy and someone says, “you’re in my prayers” with sincerity, and you respond with some egotistical shit about being atheist you are an emotionally inept moron.

    For real though like think about it. If someone is religious, there’s really no kinder sentiment they can express than appealing to the highest power they know for your recovery. Whether or not you think it “works” is irrelevant— the kindness is absolutely real.

    1. Nice ableism in the first post. Really great. 

    Except, if YOU have suffered a tragedy, why are YOU obligated to bite your tongue and smile and accept every placation and sentiment happily, regardless of how it makes YOU feel? Why is the sentiment of the person giving comfort more important than the feelings of the person suffering here?

    YOU are the one who is suffering. And if “you’re in my prayers” DOESN’T help YOU, the person who is SUFFERING; if it in fact, MAKES YOU FEEL WORSE, why are YOU the asshole for saying something? Why are YOU “emotionally inept”? 

    Why does the person suffering have to just suck it up and and say nothing, even if well intentioned sentiments are ACTUALLY HARMFUL? Intention does not negate causation, and if something you have said is causing a suffering person MORE SUFFERING, however well intentioned, it is NOT the suffering person’s fault if they tell you. 

    I’m an atheist. If i am SUFFERING, as you said, and you used your religion as a way to comfort me, that would not help. In fact, it would probably make things WORSE. How am I the bad guy here, when I am the one suffering, and YOU are the one who has made it worse, just because you were well intentioned

    MAYBE, just MAYBE, if someone you know is suffering, you should CONSIDER what will ACTUALLY make them feel better, instead of what YOU think is a kind thing to say. Since, ya know, THEY are suffering. 

    I hope I don’t sound like a dick but what WOULD help console an atheist? How does it make you feel worse? Religious people and non religious people are usually misunderstanding each other. We can’t think of another way to console. What if it’s a stranger? How do we follow up on the mistake? I don’t wanna say “Oh well I’ve got nothing else.” Well I suppose something like “I wish for your recovery.” But does that still fall in the religious category???

    How about “I’m so sorry” or “I hope things get better” or “is there anything I can do to help?” or “do you want to talk about it?” Those sentiments are fine,  warm-hearted, and don’t bring faith into it. 

     If you want to comfort someone, do it on THEIR terms.  Don’t assume your language of comfort will help other people. 

    I’m so glad you said something cause I saw this post going around and it made me real uncomfy but I didn’t know how to respond without people thinking that I was an “emotionally inept moron”.
    Come to think on it, that’s practically become a stereotype of atheists at this point, isn’t it, that we’re all egotistical insensitive pricks?

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  13. Turning my bed into a blanket fort was a very good idea.

  14. kittygoesnomnom:

    what’s really amazing to me is that people are so afraid of body hair on women that even in a shaving commercial they won’t show a hairy leg. they demonstrate the razor by shaving a hairless leg. they show their product being completely useless instead of showing leg hair. it’s just crazy